About Us

About the company

AL-deri company is a trading company established in 2014 in Istanbul - Turkey, where the company seeks to open new markets in order to increase trade exchanges with a number of countries around the world to cover external orders targeting Turkish products in all vital sectors.

The Goals 

Our goal is to build trust, accuracy and efficiency in performance in customer service, facilitate and overcome obstacles, save time, effort, and high cost in travelling and searching for these products for all sectors in Turkey, and for this we have used, developed and activated the latest marketing platforms and programs supported by modern social media in business to facilitate the search and purchase process that targets these Turkish products

Our company values

We act responsibly and transparently

We respect ethical rules, principles of honesty, and laws because we are keen on sustainable life by using resources efficiently and effectively and always act responsibly and transparently towards our society, our Individuals, and our stakeholders for a better future.

innovative ideas

Through our entrepreneurial spirit we add innovation to every work we do by never losing our curiosity, nurturing learning and creativity, being keen on constant change and always searching for creative ideas, and working on time

Together we succeed

By exchanging knowledge and experience, Approaching the solution, trusting ourselves and each other, appreciating and celebrating, we succeed with our differences and do not shy away from collaborating with each other as we do not put individual success above team success.

We have the passion

We passionately embrace our work with our dream of the future, determination to reach the goal, our leaders, courage, and inexhaustible energy. We always work efficiently and with focus. We do our best to reach the goal, we spread the enthusiasm we feel for our work in our environment, we are not afraid of obstacles, and do not act erratically and inconsistently.

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