Alderi exports directly and ships to all over the world and is keen on the spread of the product and the brand of manufacturers in the widest range of international markets with the best quality to ensure the greatest benefit to both parties as well as the best satisfaction of our customers towards the product and the company.


Alderi company also carries out all types of land, air, and Sea shipping and adopts two shipping methods:

1.     Total shipping container FCL

2.     Partial shipping LCL 

*  FCL shipment is used when a shipper bears the cost of the entire container and uses it exclusively for a single shipment, even if they do not have enough goods to fill it up. On the other hand

LCL shipment means shippers share the containers with other shipments and only need to pay for the space used.

What we excel in shipping:

We are always keen to provide a distinguished service to our customers, and for this, we have developed the platform (the Dairy Shop website) in order to operate with a system that enables customers to know all the order or shipment data, where a distinction is made herein:

  • Time management where the customer can know the shipping time and the arrival time of the product and receive it with the best quality to ensure customer satisfaction with the product and the company.

  • Providing a mobile application that helps to track the shipment with the carrier company from the time the shipment leaves until it reaches the customer.

Steps to make an order: 

1.     Log in to the store link ( and make a purchase.

2.     When you start choosing a product, a window will appear indicating the type of cargo (Express - Boxes - Container).

3.     complete the purchase and fill the basket with the products you want to buy.

4.     When you finish selecting the products and clicking on the basket icon (the shape of the icon), a side window will be displayed with your products and shipping data.

  • In the Second Step, if you have selected the type of shipment (Express or Boxes), you will be taken directly to the detailed address by filling in the page. After that Click on the Send Request button.

  • In the Second Step, if you have selected the container type of shipment you should choose the container type:   (20 ft – 40 ft - 40 ft HC).

  • Then select the type of delivery (INTERNATIONAL TRADE TERMS) (FOB- CFR - CIF).

  • Finally, go to the address page then send the request.

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